LPG Association of New Zealand

The LPG Association represents all major LPG companies in New Zealand.

Founded in 1977, the Association is responsible for:

  • Setting industry technical and safety standards, and working with members and other stakeholders to promote the safe and efficient use of LPG.
  • Working with Government and officials to develop effective and responsible legislative and regulatory environments.
  • Producing Codes of Practice and contributing to relevant Standards.
  • Ensuring appropriate cylinder filling training is available for industry personnel and producing training materials.
  • Supporting members efforts to promote LPG.
  • Gathering statistical information on LPG use in New Zealand.
  • Providing a forum for members to share relevant information and keep up to date with developments.

Our Mission 
The NZ LPG Association exists to serve the interests of its members. We promote the safe and increased use of LPG. We work to secure a favourable environment for the production, marketing and distribution of LPG. We serve as the principal voice of the LPG industry to Government and the community.

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