Malcolm Yorston

Technical Services and Membership Manager
Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association (IMVIA)

Malcolm’s role requires him to look after technical inquiries, research standards and vehicle compliance, advise people on technical and human resource issues, and deal with regulations, rules and legal disputes.
Starting in the NZ Post Office as an apprentice mechanic in 1962, Malcolm joined the Ministry of Transport in 1972 as a vehicle testing inspector, moving on to a challenging role of design compliance auditor in 1989 at a time when kiwi standards for seatbelt anchorages were being introduced.
In 1993 Malcolm joined the Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealers Importers Association (the forerunner to the current IMVIA). Major achievements of the association have been the seatbelt anchorage test programme for used imports, identifying frontal-impact compliant vehicles and mounting a legal challenge to exhaust emissions rules.